DMaaS:Transforming Data Management as a Service

Discover DMaaS, a powerful fusion of industry-leading tools, delivering a managed service platform that caters to the diverse data requirements of any company. Our purpose-built solution facilitates resource sharing and toolsets across multiple industries and clients, harnessing collective insights to tackle complex data challenges.

In an era where manual efforts and paperwork create challenges, our platform pulls cloud technologies to power intelligent analytics and reporting, paving the way for future-ready operations.

<p>DMaaS:Transforming Data Management as a Service</p>
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A New Era of Automated Data Management

Customized Automation at Your Fingertips

Customized Automation at Your Fingertips

The cornerstone of DataForge Technologies is an innovative data warehouse built on the robust foundation of Snowflake and AWS, complemented by a pool of AWS data tools. Regarding IoT and Time Series-related data streams, DataForge Technologies leverages Azure's architecture and various DB tools chosen to match the case.
Foundational Data Warehouse

Foundational Data Warehouse

At the core of DMaaS (Data Management as a Service) lies a robust data warehouse constructed on Snowflake, with AWS serving as the backend, complemented by their suite of data tools. For Time Series and IoT data streams, we leverage Azure architecture alongside a suite of DB tools tailored to each use case.
Seamless Integration and DMaaS

Seamless Integration and DMaaS

Talend, our chosen ETL and Master Data Management engine, ensures seamless integration and scheduling. These processes and data structures are meticulously documented in Confluence, bolstered by a dedicated help desk that manages day-to-day tasks and project-related activities using JIRA.

Unlocking Key Features for Data Management as a Service

Streamlined Information Input
We're forging ahead in reshaping industry standards by consistently prioritizing data management transformations.
Cloud-Native Flexibility
Embrace a consumption-based model that optimizes cost-efficiency across data storage tailored to your needs.
Seamless Integration
Easily integrate with existing applications and systems, providing smooth data migration and improved security.
Fostering Master Tables
Take control of your assets with comprehensive master tables, improving business operations and onboarding processes.
Agile Data Staging
Create dynamic reporting environments by combining diverse data sets for swift and efficient analysis.
Robust Data Security
Assure data security compliance through encryption and adherence to regulations like HIPAA.

Your Partner in Data Evolution

At DataForge Technologies, we redefine data management as a service through innovation, providing secure, efficient, and comprehensive solutions that drive your enterprise forward.

Your Partner in Data Evolution