Our Business Engagement Model

We adopt a Proof of Value (PoV) business engagement model in cooperation with our clients. Before any formal commitments, clients can experience our services and solutions in the real environment for the first 30 days – entirely on us.  If satisfied, we transition into a value-based pricing system, ensuring transparency and fairness.

<p>Our Business Engagement Model</p>
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What We Offer

Architecture Audit and Consultation

Architecture Audit and Consultation

The cornerstone of DataForge Technologies is an innovative data warehouse built on the robust foundation of Snowflake and AWS, complemented by a pool of AWS data tools. Regarding IoT and Time Series-related data streams, DataForge Technologies leverages Azure's architecture and various DB tools chosen to match the case.
Custom Solution Development

Custom Solution Development

At the core of DMaaS lies a robust data warehouse constructed on Snowflake, with AWS serving as the backend, complemented by their suite of data tools. For Time Series and IoT data streams, we leverage Azure architecture alongside a suite of DB tools tailored to each use case.
Project-Based Resourcing

Project-Based Resourcing

Talend, our chosen ETL and Master Data Management engine, ensures seamless integration and scheduling. These processes and data structures are meticulously documented in Confluence, bolstered by a dedicated help desk that manages day-to-day tasks and project-related activities using JIRA.
DMaaS Staffing

DMaaS Staffing

Whether individual or pod-based resourcing, we cater to all your business needs, from data analytics to data science. Our expertise includes Snowflake, SQL, Talend, Matillion, AWS, Azure, GCP, Data Modeling, Oracle, AS400, Mongo, Python, and more.
Wide Service Offering

Wide Service Offering

Beyond data management, we provide a fully staffed service. Whether on-premise or cloud, we can transition your architecture to ours or optimize your existing setup with our best practices and advanced toolset.

Our outcome-based business engagement model includes:


Initial Assessment and Trial Phase

  • Comprehensive due diligence
  • Prioritized requirements
  • Strategic roadmap
  • Field assets recognition
  • 30-day complimentary engagement
Solidified business direction

Insights and Refinements for the Greatest Outcomes

  • Comprehensive production reports
  • Advanced business intelligence insights
  • Training sessions for in-house personnel
  • Combined human expertise with technology
A tangible view of data outputs

Streamlining Operations with Innovative Technologies

  • Holistic solution integration
  • Efficient sensor implementation
  • Ground-level product evaluation
  • Seamless data transmission to the cloud
  • Expert data manipulation and processing
Autonomous monitoring of key assets

The Advantages for Sustainable Growth

  • Significant cost reductions
  • Finding new revenue channels
  • Overseeing operations remotely
  • Predictive maintenance insights
  • Data-backed, timely decision-making
A smarter, more responsive O&G enterprise

At DataForge, we utilize industry knowledge to bring a human approach to data management

At DataForge, we utilize industry knowledge to bring a human approach to data management